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                Ningbo XingHe Container Co., Ltd. (NBXH), located in mainland China's four major international hub port in Sham Shui Po, one of the Beilun port, is a specialty of the Group of Zhejiang, Ningbo, Zhejiang Province, supply and marketing cooperatives, such as storage and transportation company shareholders jointly funded the establishment of international container freight transit station . The total area of 46,000 square meters; container yard 35,000 square meters, has a refrigerator socket 24; CFS a total of more than 4000 square meters warehouse; Truck four, 60-ton crane me a 3-ton forklift Jiutai. Container storage capacity 7000TEU, CFS devanning installed operating capacity of 1200TEU / month.
            NBXH, is a professional engaged in international container storage, transit, repair me, unboxing equipment, handling and transportation of integrated enterprise through the ISO9001 quality management system certification, the standards of integrity committed to leading international trade logistics services.
            Operating range: containers and goods in storage, stacking, transfer, removable box, and loading and unloading operations, container maintenance, cleaning and PTI.
        Tel£º086-0571-87821066 Fax£º086-0571-87827000
        Add£ºHaiyue Building No.788 Danfeng Road in Binjiang District, Hangzhou, China Post£º310051

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