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                XingHe Building, men's Zhejiang Co., Ltd. was founded in 1998, the building is located in the beautiful West Lake, Hangzhou, located in the bustling commercial center - the middle of Yan'an Road, Lung Bridge, Hangzhou and the main shopping district, railway stations, airports and major public transport clothing wholesale market Linked to facilitate traffic, many merchants. Hop Hing Building, men's Zhejiang Province in east China is the most characteristic in the high-end brand of men's display marketing center in Zhejiang Province is the first "four-star market civilization", "national credit-building business model", "Zhejiang key regional markets," At the same time, co-hing, a trademark of Hangzhou was also well-known trademarks title.
        Tel£º086-0571-87821066 Fax£º086-0571-87827000
        Add£ºHaiyue Building No.788 Danfeng Road in Binjiang District, Hangzhou, China Post£º310051

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