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        Cotton business
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                All the year round in Europe and Africa engaged in the import of logs and other places. Europe logs, including specifications for a variety of levels of beech, oak cent, red oak logs, and so on; timber species-rich Africa, Pakistan, including flowers, Okanda, chicken wings, Tully, Mai Geli, red pears, red Tan, ebony, sand Billy, depending on the kind, such as peach core for China's timber processing plants around the provision of suitable raw materials. From South Africa, Pakistan, India, the Philippines and other countries importing chrome ore, a diversified network of suppliers.
            ZHEJIANG SUNWORLD TRADE CO., LTD. to import mineral resources-based products, imports Indonesia, the Philippines, Turkey and other places of chrome ore, nickel ore, such as the supply of the domestic market.
            The main exports of textile and apparel companies, light industrial products, metal products, carpets, and other goods, products exported to Southeast Asia, Europe and other countries, while imports of white fish, red fish meal, palm oil, cattle and sheep oil, fish oil, such as grain and oil products.
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