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                Zhejiang specialty Metal Materials Co., Ltd. is a set of steel trade, warehousing, logistics as one of the large-scale iron and steel distribution companies, is transit, Handan Iron and Steel, Jinan Iron and Steel, Saudi Steel, Shanghai Iron and Steel Group in Zhejiang Province, the Principal of a special dealer. Company focused on the national and provincial key projects and distribution of steel products with high added value Variety steel sales; in Zhejiang Province over the years for the power of water, boiler manufacture, petroleum refining, shipbuilding, subway and highways, steel industry, the Housing Real estate development industry and many other key projects to provide a large number of high-quality steel. The company operates steel products mainly include: Ship, special types of high-strength sheet, steel, wire rod, hot-rolled plate bending, channel steel, steel wing, billets and so on.
        Tel086-0571-87821066 Fax086-0571-87827000
        AddHaiyue Building No.788 Danfeng Road in Binjiang District, Hangzhou, China Post310051

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